Tayyebi Shahi A Refreshing Herbo-Mineral Health Tonic(500gm)



Shahi is a multi herbomineral tonic, well balanced with vitamins and refreshing health giving ingredients which tone up the vital organs of the body thus removes general weakness and debility.

It is an immunity booster, energizes the body thereby increases work efficiency and stamina. Shahi should be given as a diet supplement to all the members of the family.


For Adults (Males & Females) : Shahi contains saffron which has Vit B6 that helps formation of RBC and strengthens nerves. It has honey that has antioxidants which reduce cell damage and boost immunity, and anti antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects which suppress infections like cold & cough. It contains natural fruit juices which are rich in Vit A and thus improve eyesight. Various herbs in shahi strengthen the vital organs viz heart, lungs, kidney, brain, stomach etc. thereby restoring all body functions. It contains silver which increases immunity .

For Children : Shahi is a general tonic for children. It helps formation of tissues, bones, muscles, and makes them healthy and strong. It strengthens brain and nerves thereby boosts memory. It is useful in vitamin deficiency, general debility and loss of appetite. It contains honey and amla which has Vit C and antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which prevent infections and boosts immunity. Minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and zinc help in boosting immunity and prevent anaemia.

For Females : Shahi tones up the uterus and ovaries thus controlling menstrual cycle and leucorrhoea. Vitamins, minerals, folic acid in Shahi are beneficial for pregnant women. Regular use boost up foetal development and ensure safe delivery. Post delivery Shahi recoups lost vitality. Note : Please consult your physician before using Shahi during pregnancy.




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