AstaZyme Syrup ayurvedic gas medicine



Effective Digestive Enzyme

Gas, Flatulence, For Better Digestion, Loss of Appetite & Weakness.

Dosage:-5ml ml twice a day or as directed by the physician.


AstaZyme Syrup ayurvedic gas medicine

Ingredients :
Each 10ml syrup contains of :

  • Himsra-60mg
  • Kasni-40mg
  • Kutki-20mg
  • Kali mirch-20mg
  • Arjuna-20mg
  • Kasamarda-20mg
  • Bhringraj-30mg
  • Bhumi amla-30mg
  • Punarnava-30mg
  • Guduchi-30mg
  • Daruharida-20mg
  • Muli-30mg
  • Amalaki-30mg
  • Chitrak-30mg
  • Vidang-30mg
  • Haritaki-30mg
  • Sharpunkha-30mg
  • Aloe vera-q.s
  • Excipients-q.s


HIMSARA – Helps to improve digestion.

KUTKI – One of the best benefits of katuki lies in the help it carries for the liver and balancing liver-related problems.

KASNI – Correct the upset stomach because it helps to digestion food and gives the strength to the liver so that food can easily digest.

AMALAKI – Support your digestive system.

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