Gas-X Syrup from Astavakra Ayurveda



For Relaxed Release of Gas Pressure

Gas Trouble, Indigestion, Heartburn & Hyper acidity.

Dosage:- 5ml twice a day or as directed by the Physician.


Gas-X Syrup from Astavakra Ayurveda

Ingredients :
Each 10ml syrup contains of :

  • Amaltas-300mg
  • Sonth-250mg
  • Punarnava-100mg
  • Kutki-100mg
  • Pippali-100mg
  • Kali Mirch-100mg
  • Jeera-200mg
  • Saunf-200mg
  • Ajwain-50mg
  • Tejpatra-50mg
  • Aam ka patra-20mg
  • Imali-10mg
  • Kankola-3mg
  • Adrak-200mg
  • Narangi-100mg
  • Nimbu-400mg
  • Kala Namak-300mg
  • Excipients-q.s

AMLATASH – Amlatash is an excellent remedy for constipation.
SONTH – Boost digestion, aid weight loss, promote gut health.
JEERA – Improves Digestion and Metabolism.
SAUNF – Rich in manganese fennel seeds activates the enzymes, triggers metabolism, regulates blood sugar and strengthens the bones.

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